Designed with fun and positivity in mind, Marmari jewelry pairs brightly colored gemstones with colored enamel as clever commemorations of life’s special moments, celebrating women and the positivity they attract. Inspired by the many mysteries of the universe and the sentiments that make life special, Marmari jewelry enchants the mind and delights the soul. Motifs of stars, hearts and the galaxy in which they dwell remind the wearer that we have the power to shine in any crowd. Innovative in design, yet traditional in sentiment, Marmari jewelry is made of 18k gold, natural gemstones and diamonds and adheres to ethical manufacturing practices. Ranging from one-of-a-kind styles featuring innovative combinations of enamel and geode, to fresh takes on birthstone color combinations, all Marmari jewelry is grounded in superb quality and ethics, ensuring that your piece will stand the test of time.