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Your hair and eye color resemble 25M-50M other people in America, but you fell for your love’s unique characteristics. Just like your one, every diamond with the same color and clarity has its own unique characteristics. And one stone may have characteristics better suited for you. Only you can hand select the perfect diamond for your perfect partner, and we know it’s not an easy task. In fact, the Earth no longer produces diamonds, and the amount of diamonds recovered each year has decreased since 2005. It takes 250 truckloads of diamond dirt to create a one carat jewelry-grade diamond, so no wonder they are a tad pricey!

And let’s talk about price. Do you know that seemingly identical diamonds have a 70% difference in price? The difference is in the sparkle and the location of the diamond’s inclusions or what we lovingly refer to as natural birthmarks. Our diamond partners hand select the brightest roughs and eliminate 99.1% of diamonds due to haziness or large, natural inclusions. That is our Shetler Fine Jewelers difference.

Our commitment to you — the top 1%. 

We’ve also learned to appreciate these natural birthmarks as time capsules, trapping untouched secrets of the Earth’s formation. We are absolutely mesmerized over the unique beauty of each and every diamond that crosses our path. Let our talented team of master jewelers and design consultants guide you in selecting the perfect diamond.

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